Dr. Herwig Lange - Neurologist

Dr. Lange has been researching Huntington's disease (HD) since 1969 and has described in detail the atrophy of the brain in HD in his dissertation and subsequent work. He is one of the pioneers of research into the preclinical phase of HD and the care of Huntington's patients and families in Germany. He founded the first Huntington's Disease clinic in Dusseldorf in 1982, which was closed after 10 years of successful work due to restructuring in the clinic. Nevertheless, Dr. Lange stayed heavily involved in the care of HD patients and cares for one of the largest groups of patients worldwide, sometimes over several generations. He was instrumental in setting up the Huntington Center in M√ľnster and was one of the founding members of the GHI. Dr. Lange is also heavily involved in German and international Huntington lay organizations, member of the European Huntington's Disease Network (EHDN), the HSG, WFN Research Group on HD, and is a sought after expert on Huntington's disease worldwide.