Welcome to the George-Huntington-Institute

Welcome to the George-Huntington-Institute

The George-Huntington-Institute (GHI) located in Muenster/Germany is devoted to clinical care and preclinical and clinical research in Huntington's disease (HD). GHI entertains one of the largest HD out-patient clinics for sympotmatic and premanifest gene carriers, persons at-risk and caregivers around the world. GHI offers participation in ENROLL-HD, HD-Clarity and multiple clinical trials aimed at improving therapeutic options for HD.

Are you affected by Huntingtons Disease and have questions about it?

To contact us or to ask for an appointment please call: +49-251-788-788-0, send us an email to info (at) ghi-muenster.de. Emergency appointments can be accomodated. We look forward to hearing from you!

First information about Huntington's disease in German is available in a booklet entitled "Huntington's disease compact" providing treatment options and frequently asekd questions for patients and caregivers in lay language. It was publihed by Thieme in 2022 and edited by Drs. Ralf Reilmann and Bernhard Landwehrmeyer.

The booklet is available online at no charge if you click on the picture on the right:


About Us

Our Team

We're a multidisciplinary team of neurologists, physicians, study nurses and natural scientists, to provide clinical care and advance clinical research in HD.

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Present clinical studies and projects

Contact us if you are interested in clinical studies that are currently conducted. GHI participates in most of the clinical trials that are conducted in HD globally.

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Looking for a job in HD research?

Are you interested in helping out to find a cure for HD? Or do you want to help our team with the clinical care of HD patients? Find our job openings here.

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